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Sphere support
Software used: Advance Design
Location: Rm. Vâlcea, Romania

Design office: S.C. PROVEDRA SRL

Sphere support, Rm Vâlcea, Romania

Project description:
The project represents the fitting of a 3000 mc sphere on a support in the OLTCHIM mill, for the extension of the storage space. The sphere is supported by 11 poles placed on a circular foundation which is 4.00m by 2.50m. The poles are 1.80m by 1.80m and 6.176m high. The sphere has a 17.90m diameter. It is made from welded plates and has 11 metallic supports, each 5.27m long, which will be fitted in the concrete poles of the foundation.

The solution was to reposition the base of the metal poles on the concrete foundation, but to maintain the position of the poles on the sphere. The result was an eccentricity of the axes from the center of gravity of the concrete poles, but after many tests, this was considered to be the optimal solution. From the calculations, the result was that the poles and the circular foundation could sustain the load of the sphere, even after it has been used as storage space.


Sphere support, Rm. Vâlcea, Romania

Sphere support, Rm. Vâlcea, Romania







Sphere support, Rm. Vâlcea, RomaniaSphere support, Rm. Vâlcea, Romania